Rubber Support Inserts

Rubber support Inserts are designed for use at the support points of insulated pipes for preventing the crushing of insulation

MER Rubber support inserts are made out of high density rubber compound offers various advantages over conventional materials such as wood or foamed products


  • High load bearing capacity, hence no possibility for crushing or crumbling under pipe load
  • Resistance to deterioration and distortion with time and exposure to moisture
  • Dimensional accuracy is ensured since each size is individually machine molded
  • Rubber inherently offers the property of vibration isolation which is not available with any other material used


  • Rubber support inserts are used for the installation of domestic hot/cold water chilled water pipe lines
  • Pipe support insert is suitable for ceiling or vertical wall mounting


  • From Inner Diameter 1/2" to 64" with various thickness and width(upto 500mm)